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When you feel ready, contact Edward John Funerals to arrange a meeting with one of the Funeral Directors who will take care of making all of the arrangements for your loved ones Funeral. With many years of experience, the Funeral Director will guide you through each and every step, assisting you to complete the necessary legal paperwork, taking your instructions in relation to the service and vehicle requirements, explaining all of the options available whilst offering advice and support throughout.

Arrangements at the Funeral Home

You can meet with a Funeral Director in the complete privacy and comfortable surroundings of the Funeral Home to begin making the arrangements. Simply contact the team at your convenience to make an appointment to suit you, day or night.

Home Visits & Arrangements

If you prefer, the Funeral Director can visit you in the comfort and familiarity of your own home to begin making the arrangements. Simply contact the Team to arrange a Home Visit at at date and time to suit you, day or night.

Arrangements by Telephone

If you are unable to meet one of the Funeral Directors in person due to time or distance restraints, you can make all of the arrangements over the telephone. Call the team anytime day or night to speak to one of the Funeral Directors.

What to expect when making the arrangements

During the initial meeting with the Funeral Director, you can expect to be asked all of the following questions, answers to which will provide the necessary information to complete the legal paperwork and will help build a picture of exactly what kind of Funeral you are looking to arrange, and what the associated costs will be. Questions you can expect to be asked include:-

☐ Your Full Name and Address ☐ Your Contact Details
☐ Who will be paying the Invoice and by what means ☐ Your loved ones Full Name and Address
☐ Your loved ones Age, Date of Birth, Date and Time of Death ☐ Where your loved one passed away
☐ Your loved ones last occupation ☐ Your loved ones Religion and Martial Status
☐ Your loved ones GP / Doctor's details ☐ Whether your loved one was wearing any jewellery
☐ The type of Coffin or Casket you wish for your loved one ☐ Whether there will be a viewing in the Chapel of Rest
☐ What clothing you would like your loved one to be dressed in ☐ Where you would like to hold the service
☐ Where you would like to hold the Burial or Cremation ☐ Suitable dates or dates to avoid
☐ Whether you require a Minister / Celebrant to lead the ceremony ☐ Would like your loved one taken home before the Funeral?
☐ What type of Hearse you require to convey your loved ones Coffin ☐ How many mourners you require transport for on the day
☐ Where you would like the procession to leave from on the day ☐ Any special route for the procession to take
☐ Where you would like the Limousines to return you to afterwards ☐ Who will carry the Coffin? Funeral Directors or Family and Friends?
☐ Music requirements for the service ☐ Whether you require Printed Order of Service Booklets
☐ Whether you would like to collect Charitable Donations ☐ Whether you would like an Obituary Notice in the local press
☐ If Cremation, what would you like to do with the ashes ☐ Whether you require an floral tributes


Completion of all necessary legal paperwork

The Funeral Director will assist you in completing all of the necessary legal paperwork related to your loved ones Funeral, and can assist with the completion of Claim Forms for help towards the cost of the Funeral from the Department for Works and Pensions.

Making the Funeral special

The Funeral Director will help you to create a special and meaningful Funeral in tribute and honour to your loved ones life by offering a range of optional services and products such as Bespoke Order of Service Booklets, Personalised Floral Tributes, Alternative Coffin and Caskets, alternative Vehicles, a Bagpiper, a Bugler, a Dove Release and a Balloon Release.

Funeral Costs and Expenses

During the initial meeting, your Funeral Director will provide you with a complete breakdown of the Funeral Costs, based on your individual requirements. Funeral Costs are split into two sections; Funeral Directors Fees and Disbursements. 

The Funeral Directors Fees are the charges for the services and products provided by the Funeral Directors, such as collection and care of your loved one, supply of a Coffin, and provision of a Hearse and Limousines. 

The Disbursements are the fees incurred for services and products provided by third parties such as the Crematorium and Cemetery, Doctors, Minister, Church and Organist.

Our fees and charges can be found here

Help with Funeral Costs

Depending on your financial circumstances, you may be eligible for help towards the costs of your loved ones Funeral from the Department for Works and Pensions. Your Funeral Director will offer advice on eligibility and assistance with completing the appropriate claim forms. Edward John Funerals also offers finance for Funerals to cover part or all of the costs, subject to status, terms and conditions apply.