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Islamic Funerals and Burials in Wolverhampton

Providing a Specialist Islamic Funeral Service to families across the West Midlands

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Edward John Funerals provides a specialist Islamic Funeral Service to the Muslim Communities across the West Midlands. The service is designed to suit the individual needs and rituals of the Islamic Faith ensuring the Burial is carried out in the correct manner.

Often Muslim Burials are carried out within 48 hours of death. Edward John Funerals are able to facilitate this making use of their established connections with local hospitals, doctors, registrars and coroners, as well as their large fleet of Funeral Vehicles.
Islamic Funeral Service
An Islamic Funeral Service to suit the individual needs of the Muslim Communities across the West Midlands, ensuring the burial is carried out in the correct manner.
Islamic Burial Service includes
✓ Collection and Care of the Deceased
✓ Use of Purpose Built Wash and Dress Facility for Ghusl and Kafan
✓ Conveyance of the Deceased to the Mosque for Ghusl and Kafan
✓ Supply of a Standard Coffin
✓ Conveyance of the deceased to the Cemetery for Burial
✓ Completion of all necessary legal paperwork
What are Disbursements?
Disbursements are the fees paid to third parties for services and products provided. In the case of a Muslim Burial, the disbursements would include the Purchase of the Plot and the Opening of the Plot.
Repatriation of the deceased out of the UK
Edward John Funerals also offer a comprehensive repatriation service to return loved ones from the UK to be laid to rest in destinations abroad, and arrange for all necessary consular paperwork to be completed.
Learn more about Repatriation
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